Concepts and Ideas for Commercial Purposes



Saporiti furniture pieces

loop benchloop benchloop bench
loop benchloop benchloop benchloop bench

Furniture pieces created for Saporiti, including:

Loop Bench, 2010
A bench that in its properties has the one to create lineal and closed sitting areas per se.

Big Wheel, 2007
A seat to stand rather than to sit. Leather, various dimensions and colors6 feet
Bar stool that can seat several people. Leather, various dimensions and colors

Web-seat, 2007
Modular bench that cannot stand alone but leans on a second module, thus creating a 'sitting web'. Modular system, various dimensions and colors

Stair Seat (3 steps, 2 steps, 2 double steps), 2007
Stair-shaped leather seat in various dimensions and colors

Vitrine Table, 2007
Table to display works of art

Sedna Kitchen, 2006
Set of 5 basic kitchen elements, reduced to pieces of furniture, does away with the image of the kitchen as a mechanical or industrial environment and introduces the 'post-industrial', 'contemporary' kitchen








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