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A_S_T Apple Schnapps Tool

Apple Schnapps Tool.
Stainless steel, beech and iroko wood, Series of 10 numbered and signed made for Stählemühle, Eigeltingen-Münchhöf, Germany
In 1997, always with the idea that drive my early work of making matter and objects disappear, I designed the Apple Schnapps Glass a fruit
turned into a glass to drink liquor, a distillate for example. The “object” glass could be eaten and in that way is disappearing by ingestion
and transformed into energy.
The idea remained a concept for these last 16 years till Christoph Keller asked me to create a tool for building the Apple Schnapps Glass.
A_S_T is in an edition of 10 and allows you to create a 5cl schnapps glass of any apple to taste Stählemühle Brände.

Martí Guixé, 2013





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