Concepts and Ideas for Commercial Purposes



Comunicators | Alessi


Recipients in metal to put things in, with some parts to be used as communication tools.


Communicator Arrow
A recipient with a big arrow in the center where it is possible to write messages. It can contain fruits, personal items, or welcome candies and it is possible to write any message, a personal one, for each day or general messages for the public.

Communicator Balloons
A recipient with 3 speaking balloons, which can be used as boards to write messages on. The fruits, the personal items, or anything you put in the container will in this way speak or communicate through the balloons: an indirect way to display thoughts or daily instructions.

Communicator Plant
A small vase with a tree-like vertical element. The vase can contain pens or office tools, but also kitchen or household items or anything you want. The vertical trunk allows you to hang written notes for personal or office communications, or to write notes.






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