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Macha Bar W.A.R. | Seoul


Macha BAR W.A.R.
Pojang Macha Bar With Augmented Reality

A wooden closed box opens and configure a kind of bar, with the functions of serving finger food or food design. The menu may vary according to the moment of the day and would be based in 2 or 3 drinks and 2 or 3 snacks.
The Bar promotes the menu with giant inflatable balloons in the shape of the food and drinks served. These iconographical balloons change depending on the changes of the menu.
This kind of “Proto-augmented reality” evidences the banality in which the virtual recreates a copy of the real world and at the same time promotes the richness of the real and finally link us to one of the last real things: food.

Martí Guixé 2014

Metastable / Exhibition
2014 Festival B:om
Photographed by Woo-sung Jeon,
Photographs courtesy of Festival B:om






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