Concepts and Ideas for Commercial Purposes



Grand-Hornu, Belgium


Park life #001 Domesticator Props
Park life #002 Public Fireplace
Park life #003 Burn-Me pieces

Park Life
Park Life seeks to reconsider everyday life as a luxury leisure sport.
In Catalonia, midsummer night is traditionally celebrated by lighting big fires. For a few hours Barcelona is turned into a theme park playing with fire.

Open-End exhibits several Park Life elements related to fire: Domesticator Props: fire as the central axis of the house; home and fire as elements of appropriation, occupation and ‘domestication’ of non-urbanized contexts. Public Fireplace: a playground, a stadium in a public space where you can play with fire. Burn-Me Pieces: woodpile which functions as a technical kit and a product originating from the isolation of the fire for security reasons, from its persecution by environmental themes and from the transformation of fire from a basic need into a sport, from an instrument into a lifestyle product.


Open-end exhibition
Grand-Hornu, Belgium

22.06 - 05.10.2008




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