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„Moskow“ Kitchen debate: Nixon-Khrushchev discussion, July 24, 1959

Charles and Ray Eames where commissioned to design a kitchen for the American National Exhibit in Moscow in 1959. This kitchen was very successful among the visitors, generating a lot of cues of Russian people to enter the pavilion and creating more expectation than the space and war technology displayed in the exhibit due the cold war.

The kitchen generated a socio-political debate between Nixon and Khrushchev while a visit on the pavilion, this debate is called the kitchen debate and was published in the New York Times on the July 25 of 1959, one day after it happened.



The Meta-territorial Kitchen Sytem-3

-A year 2003 Contemporary kitchen-
The kitchen is not an atelier, nor a laboratory, but an interface where we deal with resources that we can open or not, install, uninstall, execute, etc.
The basis is an open operative platform
Open source code system
All the people, and not only professionals, have the possibility to design new tools based in the operative system
The object: A console
Status = Contemporary
X/3 reduced
Luxus, based in the capacity to question the convention
To use not to posses
Informal, not provisional
Impersonal/ customisable
The construction: de-professionalization of the construction, configuration and customisation.
Food: the meta-territorial cuisine
Homage-reference to Eames kitchen debate.
What's NEW?
-You can but it piece by piece
-You don't need a previous planing before installation
-Can grow and change
-Adapts to exceptional situations:
  Cooking for a lot of people
  Change of cooking room
  Picnic, outdoor in general
  Special cooking actions (marmalade making for example)

-Allows you give components as a present

-Total mobility from the elements to adapt the composition to the individual personal style

-Allows storage of hardware (like sink, tap, stove) when not used

-Allows interchanging elements with friends or neighbours in some situations or for special occasions

-You can cook any type of food, of any culture, depending in the components you collect and in the way you configure them and you use them.
-Allows expanding the system with new components and new technologies without changing everything
-Allows mixing elements that conventional kitchen doesn't allow, because space reasons, and ideology reasons.

-Allows to you to create your own components: Open source.

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