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Roll Bag | By Authentics

In 1988 I was designing bag collections for a Catalan company, and one of the proposals I made was a bag that closed with the natural gesture used to close and hold a paper bag. The bag is rolled up at the top and a Velcro fastener consolidates the closure and creates a kind of handle. This type of closure has subsequently been replicated by other brands and can now be considered a generic closure. The collection was not produced until 2000 when Hans Maier-Aichen incorporated it into Authentics. Under this brand it was marketed until 2019, when production was discontinued.
Now, after a pause, it is back on the market, always Authentics, in two sizes, four colors and 100% Recycled PET.

Roll Bag
Produced by Authentics since 2000
Again into production! 2 sizes, 4 colours.

Photo Inga Knölke 2023