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In 2012, Octavi Rofes created an acclaimed manifesto that foretold the death of the project as an scape route from the banality of contemporary design. In Design without Project, he rereads his manifesto after a decade of never-ending crises and brings it to date, going beyond the project to propose alternative forms of practice for today’s world of design. DwP is many things at once. It is a record of convulsive month in history, a theory of cultural practices, and a series of notes on design criticism. It celebrates the kind of design that eschews the newest banalities: the excesses of techno optimism and dystopian futurology, the shareability of Instagram content, the gimmickry of growing mushrooms.
DwP is an artifact of unknown and unexplored possibilities.
Use at your own risk!

Design without Project
Octavi Rofes

Corraini Edizioni
ISBN: 9788875709754
Languages: Italian and English
Cover and graphic layout: Victor Garcia-Tur
Binding: stitched binding
Pages: 214
Width: 11
Height: 18
First Edition Year: 2022
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Design without Project from Octavi Rofes is the second book of the collection Unevaluated Essays curated by Martí Guixé. The series contain theories, essays, speculations and anticipations to understand and react to the incipient society of disorder that is emerging in these early years of our 21st century. The collection has a design-based ethos and features topics spanning politics, economics, science, culture, ecology, and food. The essays are softcover and in 11x18 format.
The first book was Casa Mondo: Food by Martí Guixé

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