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Sala delle Colonne: New Membrane Pattern Flooring | La Galleria Nazionale | Rome

La Galleria Nazionale di Roma has reopened with new flooring in La Sala delle Colonne. La Sala delle Colonne is the central axis of La Galleria Nazionale, a transitory space before the entrance, something of a chillout zone. It is perceived as a space both to prepare for entering the museum, and for digesting it afterwards, a disjointed space in a constant state of conflict, construction and change. Its various uses - as a space for meetings, conferences, presentations, coffee - are constructed with temporary and semi-temporary elements and with disparate typologies and aesthetics.

The new textile flooring shares chromatic references to the original carpets that lined the gallery but features redesigned graphics that were anticipated in a previous project, Floor Painting in 2019.

Photo courtesy La Galleria Nazionale 2020