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On Flower Power | Exhibition | La Galleria Nazionale | Rome
It is the first time I have taken on the role of curator together with Inga Knölke, for this exhibition, which will also be the first exhibition about design in La Galleria Nazionale of Rome and with the theme of the Flower Vase. The exhibition deals with the incoherent positions taken by the disciplines of art, craft and design and is an essay on the vase as an object with empathy and therefore an object-subject. The exhibition includes pieces of: Aurora Sander, Franz West, Tobias Rehberger, Ursula Mayer, Aldo Lodovico Trinci, Chiara Bettazzi, Simone Bergantini, Paolo Meoni, Nancy Graves, Elena El Asmar, Sabine Delafon, Chiara Camoni, Oliver Laric, Takashi Murakami, Nicolaj Diulgheroff, Luigi Ontani, Marina Bolla and Gaetano Pesce, Pierluigi Piu, Hella Jongerius, Markus Kayser, Nicola Filia, Coudre Studio, Marguerite Friedländer, Massimo Lunardon, Martí Guixé, Enzo Mari, Kodai Iwamoto. A technical industrial vase, a Gioshi Stone, 3 Hermes foulards and 2 marble bases.
The exhibition includes also three projects:
1 — 100% make up by Alessandro Mendini with Alessi, which includes 100 vases of authors such as Sottsass, Starck, Sybila, Venturi, Michael Graves, Milton Glaser, Anna Gili, Nanda Vigo or Brian Eno among others.
2 — The FAD Cups, a collection that begins in 1917 and consists of 100 cups. Among the authors are Antoni Cumella, André Ricard, Oscar Tusquets, Jaume Plensa, Joan Brossa, Tapies, Antoni Miralda, Mariscal, Fernando and Humberto Campana, Elias Torres, Martín Azua and Marc Monzó.
3 — And 2 large textile vases
The exhibition proposes an unconventional and radically incoherent view of an object that is at the same time rational and emotional and therefore the model of the artificial subject of our contemporary world. A catalogue published by Corraini will be available.

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Photo Inga Knőlke 2019

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